Inside the building
Yoshi-Ima is a fine artistic wooden structure with aged garden in Sukiya style. All rooms are floored by "tatami" (grass mats). Of course, the room is fully equipped (bath/ toilet/ towels/ hair dryer/ Yukata-relaxing room wear). Besides the private bath in your room, you can take a Japanese style public bath. Then, please remember to wash yourself with a small towel provided at the outside of the tub, to keep the water in the tub, which is only used for soaking, and clean for the next user. In the middle garden, there is a Tea House named "Beni-Tei" surrounded by the Sukiya style garden. Also, there is a small court yard called "Tsubo-Niwa" with the stone touch in Oribe style, aged lime trees are over 150 years. In addition, daily necessaries used in the place about 150 years ago are displayed in Buddhist alter room.


You must be wondered!? (Cultural Experience)
First, Guests are supposed to take off their shoes at the entrance in the Japanese style.
All international tourists are supposed to experience these two unique and mysterious traditions at Yoshi-Ima. One is "an authentic Japanese food" served in a traditional way in your room, and the other is sleep on "Futon" (Japanese style bed).

We serve typical Kyo-dishes.
(If you don't eat row fish or shrimp, or you are vegetarian, we can arrange the menu. Please let us know in advance.)

Owned by "the Shimizu's"
Yoshi-Ima has been owned by the family whose family name is "Shimizu".
Landlord, "Ken" Shimizu
"Sachiko"(Ken's wife), "Hiro"(Ken's son)

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