Its Location: Located in "Gion" area, attractive part of the city known as Geisha and Maiko Girl's quarter

The "Location" of Yoshi-Ima has been declared by the Japanese government as a traditional "Geisha and Maiko Girl's quarter".
In the 17th century, many theaters and tea houses were developed at the east riverbank towards Gion (Yasaka) Shrine, which was made up as the initiation of the Gion area. Yoshi-Ima has been located here from 1747, and now exists as a tourist's attraction of its own.

Shinmonzen Street (in front of Yoshi-Ima)
This is the world famous shopping street of arts and antiques. A lot of Imari or Kutani pottery shops, woodblock prints and water painting galleries are opened daily. You can enjoy finding various folk objects and curiousities.
Shinbashi Street (the backside of Yoshi-Ima)
It has been set aside as a special preserving area for traditional buildings. You will see the old fashion wooden houses painted dark red with fine lattice work and bamboo curtains, standing in line along the street.
Even though Yoshi-Ima is located very center part of the city, you can relax in tranquility of real Japanese style guest room. Also, if you go down to the garden, all signs of modern downtown will disappear.
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"Gion" area is now pretty famous for "Geisha and Maiko Girl's quarter" because of the novel named "Memoirs of a Geisha" written by Arthur Golden. You can imagine the real neighborhood of the novel.

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