"Feel pure atmosphere of ancient capital for thousand years!!"
Genuine Japanese inn, well keeping traditional culture.

For your unforgettable experience

Our policy is very simple and clear.
" An Experience of Another Culture "

There are a lot of "Ryokan" (Ryokan is a Japanese word stands for Inn.) in Kyoto.
"Yoshi-Ima" is one of the traditional Japanese Inn, registered by National government. Its location is a very central part of the city and facing the preserving area which has old fashioned wooden houses used to be high ranked tea houses (enjoyed as night clubs in former days). Maiko and Geisha usually appear with gorgeous kimono and white face in this area at night. Also, some historical places (such as "Yasaka shrine", "Kiyomizu temple", "Kodaiji temple" etc.) are within your walking distance. In addition, Yoshi-Ima serves authentic Japanese meal cuisine (This is included in your accommodation fee) for both dinner and breakfast (actually, we can serve western style breakfast as well, so you can choose your favorite style after enjoying Japanese style dinner.), also English speaking stuff will welcome you. You will definitely get a good chance to experience another culture by staying at Yoshi-Ima.

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